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大菠萝ios免费下载 Thank you for visiting our website to your requirements.Your technical and scientific difficulties and problems, your comments and suggestions, as well as all your comments are our chance! I hope you can actively communicate with us, so that we can provide you with services and practical solutions. I wish you more results and good results! Crosstech Equipment Co.,Ltd is the agent of a number of foreign high-tech equipment manufacturers in China. Our company upholds the corporate culture with "integrity" "quality", "service", "innovation" constanltly and provides the most advanced instruments and most thoughtful technology, services and perfect overall solution for our Chinese customers. Nano-science, thin film materials (including semiconductors) growth and characterization, surface material properties analysis, biological drug development. VIEW DETAILS


Contact: Nick.Zhang

Phone: 13916855175

Tel: 021-56035615


Add: Suite902,No.3,Magnolia Green Square,Lane251,SongHuaJiang Road,Shanghai,China,200093

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